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Looking for a qualified and Experienced Expert?


   TESMEL, LLC     


is a Medical & Technical Expert Witness


Locator Service 












We specialize in providing the most qualified experts


 in the industry! 



TESMEL, LLC is an experienced and knowledgeable Medical and Technical Expert Witness referral service with years of locating and placing medical experts; expert witnesses for both plaintiff and defense clients. We provide qualified and board certified Medical Experts nationwide for the most challenging and complicated medical legal cases; medical mal-practice, personal injury.  We also provide Technical Experts that will render authoritative opinions in their respective fields. Please review our comprehensive list of Expert Specialties on the following pages.



However you find your Medical or Technical Legal Experts; through an agency or by yourself, let TESMEL be your back up.  We are open 7 days week for your convenience.  TESMEL can find you a Board Certified Medical Expert and/or arrange a Physician Merit Initial Review. Our expert locator fees are modest, $400 per expert per case flat fee. We offer discounts for return clients.  TESMEL charges nothing for a PMIR referral. If a Medical Legal Expert is not necessary or desired, you pay TESMEL nothing! Our medical expert network is nationwide. 


TESMEL has listened to Attorneys for years documenting their input. Many Attorney’s and Medical Experts elect to eliminate the middle person and the inflated fees. TESMEL gives you that option. Many Attorneys want to have the power to discuss fees and have the authority to directly authorize time; enabling the Expert to dedicate time to the salient issues. TESMEL gives you that option. Experts choose to have an open dialog with the Attorney eliminating a middle person which is always time consuming and costly. TESMEL experts can negotiate directly with the attorney to request authorization for time needed. Most of our clients prefer to pay TESMEL a $400 per expert per case flat fee, and have the freedom to discuss salient issues and appreciate open communication and dialog between the Attorney and the Expert.


Please click on "Our Story" for more details.


Here is how our services work. You explain your case, TESMEL will provide a Physician Merit Initial Review; (PMIR) or a Medical Expert, your choice.






Physician Medical Initial Review Services







Our Expert Medical Witness Locator Services


Expedited Service is available~

If you a have a fast approaching deadline and need an expert in less than 10 business days, we charge an additional $250 fee and make all efforts to locate an Expert in 10 business days, or less. No fees due until the expert is located and the Experts CV is approved.






Manage your case and negotiate Medical Expert fees

TESMEL can manage the Medical Expert from the beginning of your case to the end of your case. Additional fees will apply.  Please ask a TESMEL case representative for details.


Pro Se Services

TESMEL offers services to pro se's.  Assistance fees, and special conditions will apply.  TESMEL staff will oversee and manage the negotiations and communication between the client and Medical Expert. Please contact a TESMEL advisor for details.


Litigation Trial Graphics & Design

Legal visuals and courtroom illustrations, presentations, charts, graphics, diagrams and timelines are convincing and persuasive.  The use of specialty trial graphics in the courtroom and information design are essential to persuade, not merely present information.


TESMEL will refer you to a reputable agency with the skill and practice of preparing information so our clients can use it with efficiency and effectiveness.  When the data is unstructured and extremely complex a visual representation can express its meaning to the viewer in a powerful unarguable manner.


Autopsy Services

TESMEL will locate and arrange for a board certified Forensic Pathologist to conduct a thorough autopsy for a flat fee of $500.00.  The Pathologist's fees are separate and additional lab fees may apply.  A complete quote will be provided prior to retaining the expert.


Call 510-734-8800 and speak to a TESMEL representative to obtain a quote and to schedule the autopsy.


Ask a TESMEL staff member for details.

Please click on "Our Services" for more details.





We have our staff ready to assist you 7 days a week 8:00 AM EST to 8:00 PM PST.  Explain your case details. Do you have a preference regarding the Expert's geographical location? We will begin locating your qualified Expert immediately.


We take pride in finding the best Experts nationwide for our clients. TESMEL is confident we will come through for you.


Contact us to go over your case information so that we can better serve you.



Request an expert by going to the "Case in-take Form" under the "more" button.  After you sumbit you will be contacted by a TESMEL case in-take specialist within 24 hours of your request. Specify if you have an expert designation deadline so that we can best accommodate your needs.


Tesmel will provide you a specialized medical expert witness exclusive to your Medical Mal- practice or Personal Injury case.


We are a knowledgeable Medical Legal Expert referral service with access to qualified Board Certified Experts. We provide Experts that will render un-biased opinions in their specific field for both plaintiff and defense cases; Medical Mal-practice, Personal Injury and Technical. We provide Physician Merit Initial Review referrals to determine the merits of your case. You explain your case; our staff will provide a Physician Merit Initial Reviewer or a Medical Expert; your choice. We charge nothing for a PMIR referral. It cost nothing to send in a Case In-Take Form and get a call back.


We are open for business 8:00 AM EST to 8:00 PST; 7 days a week.



PO Box 2401, El Cerrito, CA 94530

Please call us at : 510-734-8800 or


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