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TESMEL, LLC does the research in locating the appropriate Expert utilizing our years of experience and exclusive directory of Medical Experts.  You are provided a qualified Medical Expert exclusive to your case.  TESMEL will provide a highly qualified board certified Medical Expert that will best serve your case.

Level 1 ~ Services
Physician Merit Initial Review (PMIR)


We will refer you to a qualified physician to review your case whom has extensive experience with medicine and law, specializing in case reviews. With the most competitive review rates in the industry.


The Physician Merit Initial Review (PMIR) will be completed within 7 days or less in most cases.  The Physician Reviewer will go over the case with you and will determine if it's a pursuable case from a medical legal standpoint.


If the case is found meritorious, you will be informed as to the necessary Expert(s) needed to pursue the case.  TESMEL can locate the appropriate required Expert(s).


Case Review Physician fees vary according to the Review Physician’s personal fee.


If a Medical Expert is not necessary or desired, you pay TESMEL nothing!


Pro Se Services

TESMEL offers services to pro se's.  Assistance fees, and special conditions will apply.

TESMEL staff will oversee, and manage the communication between the client and Expert. Please contact a TESMEL advisor for details.


Autopsy Services 

TESMEL will locate and arrange for a board certified Forensic Pathologist to conduct a thorough autopsy for a flat fee of $500.00.  The Pathologist's fees are separate and additional lab fees may apply.  A complete quote will be provided prior to retaining the Expert.

Call 510-734-8800 and speak to a TESMEL representative to obtain a quote and to schedule the needed autopsy.


Level 2 ~ Services
Expert Locator Services(ELS)


If your case is rendered meritorious after the Physician Merit Initial Review (PMIR), or you request a Medical Expert directly, TESMEL will locate a qualified board certified Medical Expert for a reasonable fee.


Our staff's many years of experience in Expert research capabilities enables us to locate qualified Experts quickly that will render authoritative opinions on the salient issues of your case.


TESMEL will send you the proposed Expert's redacted CV for your final approval.  No fees

are required until the Expert has been approved.  Once the Expert has been accepted, you will have direct access to the assigned Expert to begin working up your case.


If your case is rendered meritorious after the PMIR review, or you request a Medical Expert directly, a $400 Medical Expert finder’s fee, per expert, per case will be applied after the Expert's Curriculum Vitae has been approved by you.  At that time you will be provided with the Expert’s contact information to send the medical records.


TESMEL does all the research in locating the appropriate Expert utilizing our exclusive directory of Medical Experts. You are provided a qualified Medical Expert exclusive to your case. TESMEL will provide a highly qualified Board Certified Medical Expert to best serve your case.


Once selected and approved, you will have direct access to the assigned Expert to discuss your case and billing fees.



Deposition Services

We offer deposition scheduling services for clients who retain an Expert through TESMEL for an additional $300.  Let TESMEL schedule your case depositions.  Contact TESMEL regarding complete scheduling of your Expert’s deposition and we will confirm and schedule the Expert’s deposition rates and availability.


Assistance with Expert Scheduling and billing

TESMEL can manage the Medical Expert from the beginning of your case to the end of your case. Additional fees will apply. Please ask a TESMEL case representative for details.

Fees ~
For Services 




We have years of experience in locating qualified Experts on the most challenging cases nationwide.  Our team prides themselves in delivering the most qualified Experts in the country. We work on a Neutral Ground focusing on the Expert’s qualifications and experience. TESMEL insures you will receive an Expert that will call it as he or she sees it with conviction. Most importantly, if supportive, the Expert will be available for testimony.


We are not a middleman, financially or time wise, inbetween you and your Expert!  We are an Expert locator service solely focused on delivering the most qualified Expert.  We charge a onetime finder’s fee for locating the Expert. Only after you decide to move ahead with the proposed Expert that we locate for you do we charge a fee. The Expert has the freedom to  work directly with you.


We also provide an initial review of your case to ferret out the medical issues to help determine if the case has pursuable medical merit.


PMIR: review will be subject to the reviewer's standard fee. 


Expert locator Services: $400 per Expert, per case.




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