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Become an Expert with TESMEL, LLC.


Law Firms contact us to provide the best qualified Medical Experts nationwide to address the medical issues on medical legal cases for Personal Injury, Product Liability & Medical Mal Practice.


We require that our referring Experts be board-certified, actively practicing, and in good standings with the medical boards. Experts must be willing to testify if needed in support of their unbiased opinion. 


As a qualified individual in the medical industry why should you work with TESMEL?


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~ We present cases to you that are in your area of expertise.


~ You are free to accept or decline casework at your own discretion.


~ You set your own fees and earn supplemental income.


~ Keep informed of the medical legal issues affecting your specialty and the medical industry.




Contact us to learn more about joining our network.

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We look forward to working with you!
Phone: 510-734-8800

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